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New Recruitment Advisor, Megan Hewitt joins Liberty!

Megan Hewitt has joined the Liberty Recruitment family from a customer services background following a Level 2 and Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship. She had long searched for a role where she could support others and felt that an admin role within recruitment would be a good career choice, given that she could help other people achieve their dreams and goals!

Megan has many interests outside of work, from going on walks or to the cinema, to sitting down with a hot chocolate and a good book. She is also a bit of a foodie.

Megan has a twin who is a full minute older than her and who constantly reminds Megan of this fact. As with many twins they are very close, yet have developed a healthy competitive relationship with each other over the years, pushing each other to be the best they can!

Megan has a family dog – a black Labrador named Millie (who she describes as ‘cuddly’) – and is currently saving for a house so that she can have a dog of her own.

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