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You Are Loved – acceptance and inclusion in the workplace – with Samo White

You Are Loved – acceptance and inclusion in the workplace – with Samo White

Announcing the Liberty Leaders’ Forum for July 2022 and it’s all about inclusion!

The Liberty Recruitment Group is truly delighted to welcome street artist and trans-activist Samo White who will talk to us all about inclusion in the workplace.

Samo is a Portsmouth-based trans-artist, public speaker and activist who focuses on intersectional gender identity and community. His career highlights thus far include painting at World Pride 2019 in NYC; founding an LGBTQ+ safe space scheme; producing I EXIST* – a trans bodies art project, exhibition and book; and having his works collected by people across the world. He will use his own personal story to beautifully illustrate the issues facing us in 2022.

Samo says his future is dedicated to spreading the message of acceptance through powerful visual communication and acts of love and kindness. Here at Liberty we just know that this will be an informative, educational and honest session. (You can find out more about Samo (via Instagram) here: @samo_tattoo_southsea and examples of his work can be purchased from )

Inclusion, diversity and equality issues were subjects widely requested by the respondents to our survey in January 2022 so again, we’re hopefully providing meaningful and engaging subject matter for our Liberty community!

As usual, the forum will commence at 12.30pm and will last for approximately an hour including time for questions. To book your place and get your joining instructions, simply email and we’ll do the rest!


*The I EXIST Project was Samo’s way to effect positive change on the narrative surrounding trans issues. It was a global arts project celebrating trans bodies, making visible the often vilified or misunderstood. The exhibition that resulted addressed the lack of visibility of trans bodies in art. Featuring trans people at a variety of stages in their social/medical transition, it aimed to positively reflect trans people and normalise the visibility of trans bodies. And I EXIST finally allowed trans people to see themselves portrayed in art and aimed to engage the wider community in a conversation.