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Sell Yourself Fearlessly! – with Tracy Forsyth

Sell Yourself Fearlessly! – with Tracy Forsyth

Do you want to sell yourself fearlessly without feeling like an imposter?

Do you want to know exactly what to say when networking, without feeling like an imposter?

Do you want to speak confidently about your skills and experience in interviews and pitches?

Here at Liberty HR Recruitment we are delighted to welcome back Tracy Forsyth to speak at our December HR Leaders’ Forum on the subject of ‘Imposter Syndrome’. You will probably recall Tracy from our July forum and her brilliant take on ‘Yoga in The Boardroom’.

Well Tracy is our very first returning speaker and will be delivering her session ‘Selling Yourself Fearlessly Without Feeling Like an Imposter’ which is a step-by-step guide to building the confidence, courage and credibility to pitch yourself and your experience in order to grow your career fearlessly and succeed.

Imposter Syndrome is a behaviour pattern in which we doubt our own skills, talents and accomplishments and have a fear that we will be exposed as a fraud. Often, despite external evidence of our competence, we remain convinced that we haven’t deserved our success.  As a result, it becomes very difficult to pitch ourselves and our achievements authentically.  The result of this can be not selling yourself and your assets to the greatest effect to get that new job or promotion.

In this session:

Tracy will be demonstrating how to understand and tame your own inner critics;

How to build a fool proof pitch based on your expertise and experience;

So you can sell yourself fearlessly!

Tracy is an executive coach and career consultant and founder of the virtual academy and the corporate wellbeing brand She uses the expertise and experience gained from a very successful 25 year career as a global TV executive plus her skills as a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF to enlighten, empower and enhance the lives and careers of talented individuals so that they become fearless about their professional growth and develop into inspirational leaders who change the world.  Described by clients as ‘life & game changing, an empowering force and inspiring’, Tracy works for corporate companies, private individuals and as a strategic and business consultant for founders of SMEs,

This is yet another subject that we have been asked to cover by members of our HR network and consequently we think is going to be a session that shouldn’t be missed! As always, the session will be delivered via Zoom and commences at 12.30 pm (we recommend you join the session 10 minutes prior to start time) and will last for up to an hour, including time for questions at the end.

Places will, as always, be in big demand so to book you FREE place without delay. To do so, just email us via for joining instructions.