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‘Chronicles, Chemists and Curly Fries’ – Reflecting on adidas’ handling of the 2020 lockdown

‘Chronicles, Chemists and Curly Fries’ – Reflecting on adidas’ handling of the 2020 lockdown

Here at Liberty HR Recruitment we’ll be hosting our next virtual HR Leaders’ Forum and boy, do we have a fantastic speaker for you (well it IS nearly Christmas and we just wanted to celebrate with our HR family by putting on a forum to remember!)

Tony Cooke, VPHR at world-renowned sporting brand adidas, will be joining us on Thursday 3rd December from 12.30pm. Tony is a dynamic and engaging speaker and will be presenting his take on an organisation faced with the Coronavirus pandemic.

This session is entitled ‘Chronicles, Chemists and Curly Fries’ – Reflecting on adidas’ handling of the lockdown in March 2020. Tony will be discussing subjects such as;

  •  How did adidas first react to close-down?
  • How did they make decisions?
  • What structures and processes did they put in place?
  • What did they do to create a good ‘working from home’ vibe?
  • How did they keep people informed on what was going on in the business?
  • How did Managers ensure that their remote workers were ‘doing OK’ from a mental wellbeing perspective?
  • How did they check the mood in the camp?
  • How did they help people to get accustomed to working from home?
  • And what did they do to prepare people for returning to an office environment ?
  • What own goals (big and small) did they score along the way?
  • What lessons have they learned for the new close down?

Tony joined adidas in July 2001 with the responsibility for all HR functions throughout the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Netherlands. In 2006 the adidas Group grew further with the integration of the Reebok brand, and in turn Tony was appointed Senior Director HR, North Europe. In 2018 he was appointed VPHR for Region West, assuming responsibility for the Nordic countries, Iberia & France.

Tony is responsible for the organisation’s award-winning CSR strategy; initiating many projects for local and international charities. He is also the driving force behind the accolade of becoming ‘Britain’s Healthiest Company’ 5 years in succession and is the Company sponsor for Inclusion & Diversity. Tony is married with 3 children – now a Grandfather to three – and is an avid Liverpool Football Club supporter (but we won’t hold that against him will we?)

Places will be limited so, if you would like to attend this virtual session, just call Liberty HR Recruitment on 023 9387 6666 or email us via